What can I expect over time?

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What can I expect over time? Empty What can I expect over time?

Post by Merlin101 on Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:07 am

What can I expect over time? Icon_question This may seem like a silly or insensitive question, but does Lupus get progressively worse as time goes on? Can I expect to develop other issues (like sjorgens), or is that something that is diagnosed or determined early as well? What can I expect? Do the flares get progressively worse or more frequent? I realise everyone is different and has their unique blend of symptons and tolerances etc, and as I'm newly diagnosed, I guess I'm having a little trouble distinguishing what's what, and maybe even "over-analysing" everything I physically feel. Though I try not to think about i, I feel a little worse than I did a few months ago. Is this what I can now expect to continue? I'm trying to make sense of everything. What can I expect over time? Confused

I've read quite a lot of information, but I can't say I've seen any mention of this. Can anyone shed some light for me? What can I expect over time? Icon_redface



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What can I expect over time? Empty Re: What can I expect over time?

Post by socalmonica on Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:23 pm

Hi Merlin, I'm Monica, happy to have you on the forum. I have had lupus symptoms that go back for at least 15 years, then settled down a bit, then actual diagnosis of lupus in early 2007. I have been rather sick the past couple of years but the past couple of months my doctors seem to be getting the lupus under control with a variety of medication and I am feeling better. From what I have learned from reading from others, is like you said, everyone is different, there are mild cases, where you may not have much more than you are experiencing now, or who knows, it can progress into more, or better yet, go into total remission. Lupus is a crazy disease and very unpredictable. Are you taking medication for it? Possibly Plaquenil? That is often one of the first medications doctors put lupus patients on. It can really help symptoms. I have also developed mild sjogrens as well. Fortunately I haven't gotten very bad and hopefully I don't get bad. But I guess in answer to your question, there really is no prediction, my advice to you is to follow your doctors lead, take all medications prescribed, even if you start to feel better, because you are probably feeling better because of any meds prescribed. Stay as stress free as possible, as this is a way to make yourself flare. Also, get as much rest as you can and don't run yourself ragged. Listen to your body and when it says to slow down, do it. Or you will pay the price. I hope this helps.



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